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General Viticulture

General Viticulture



Choose Planting, Grafting and Budding Stock Wisely - Publ. GV1-92

A Review of Vine Girdling - Publ. GV2-96

Preventing Vineyard Frost Damage - Publ. GV3-96

Preplant Considerations for New Vineyards - Publ. GV4-96

Wood Sources for Cutting - Publ. GV5-97

Grafting Grapevines - Publ. GV6-98

Trimming and Storing Dormant Grape Rootings Before Plantings - Publ. GV7-80

Managing Compacted Soils in Vineyards - Publ. GV8-97

Making Cuttings - Publ. GV9-99

Training Table Grape Vineyards - Publ. GV10-99

Winter Cover Crops in Vineyards - Publ. GV11-99