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IPM - Integrated Pest Management

IPM - Integrated Pest Management


Monitoring Leafhopper - Publ. IPM2-96

Postharvest Decay of Late Season Table Grapes - Publ. IPM3-96

Aspergillus Vine Canker - A Recent Discovery - Publ. IPM4-99

Downy Mildew: Unseasonable Wet Weather - a Recipe for Problems - Publ. IPM5-98

Vine Mealybug: A Serious New Pest for the San Joaquin Valley - Publ. IPM6-00

Pierce's Disease: Identification in Tulare County Vineyards - Publ. IPM7-00

Pierce's Disease: History and Distribution in Tulare County - Publ. IPM8-00

Pierce's Disease: Management in Southern San Joaquin Valley Vineyards - Publ. IPM9-01