General Nutrition

Commercial and Non-Profit Sites

American Cancer Society Information on nutrition and risk reduction for cancer patients and survivors.

American Diabetes Association General and in-depth diabetes information and advise for healthy living with diabetes.

American Dietetic Association Promoting nutrition, health, and well being.

American Heart Association Heart disease and stroke information.

California Beef Council Nutrition information and recipes for beef.

Center for Science in the Public Interest Current news about nutrition, biotechnology, food safety, and food additives.

Diet Fraud Exposes current nutrition-related frauds.

FoodFit Nutrition, food, and fitness information.

Harvard Medical School Consumer Health Information, health, and wellness information.

Healthy Weight Network on eating and weight by Frances M. Berg.

International Food Information Council Foundation the link to Food Safety & Nutrition Information.

Mayo Health Oasis An all-purpose nutrition resource for consumers.

Nutrition Action Healthletter Current topics in nutrition.

Nutrition Fact Sheets for Professionals
Nutrition Fact Sheets for Professionals

Shape Up America! national initiative to promote healthy weights and increased physical activity.

Quack Watch A guide to health fraud and intelligent decision-making. Investigates claims, answers questions.

Vegetarian Resource Group Recipes, nutrition information, and more about a vegetarian lifestyle.

Government & Educational Sites

CDC's Nutrition Page Information and publications from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Food and Nutrition Information Center Nutrition related resources for consumers and professionals.

Food and Nutrition Service of the USDA Information about food security programs and research including Food Stamps, Child Nutrition programs, and WIC.

Choose MyPlate Steps to a healthier you.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Heart and vascular disease nutrition information for patients and healthcare professionals. A clearinghouse of government materials related to nutrition.

Tufts University Nutrition Navigator Nutrition and health information for adults, kids, and people with special dietary needs.