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Adult Nutrition Education Programs


EFNEP and FSNEP are federally funded by USDA and is administered by the University of California Cooperative Extension. Nutrition educators are trained and help limited income families with young children to meet their nutritional needs on a small budget, improve their health and become more self sufficient. 

     These programs help participants:  

  • Understand and know what good nutrition is
  • Improve their food shopping skills
  • Know what the food label really means
  • Learn new food preparation skills
  • Know when a food is safe and wholesome
  • Improve infant and child feeding practices  

     Program topics include:   

  • Nutrition and the Food Guide Pyramid
  • Food Shopping/Meal Planning
  • Economical Cooking Using Food on Hand
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Food Safety Facts
  • How to Cut Down on Fats, Sugar, Salt, Bread, Ceral, and Pasta
  • New Look at Vegetables and Fruits
  • Protein Foods-Meat, Poultry, and Beans
  • Calcium-Rich Foods
  • Hints on Feeding Children
  • Easy Breakfast Meal Treats  

Handout materials include:  recipes, buying tips, budgeting, reading food label, and much more.   

Program is available in Spanish and English.  For more information contact Mariana Lopez at 559-684-3329 or Teresa Spicer at 559-684-3323.