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The Environmental Health & Safety Office is a resource and service for all of ANR.

Agricultural Issues Center
Broadly-based and objective information about competition for resources, environmental concerns, global linkages, and public policy decisions and their significance for California's economy and natural resources.

Agricultural Labor Management Program
Information center on farm labor management and related issues for practitioners, educators, service providers, students, and researchers. Site includes links to educational articles, legal and government references, news, databases, research findings, advice, and other resources.

Agronomy Research and Information Center
Information on California agronomic crops, including alfalfa, winter cereals (barley, oats, wheat), corn, cotton, dry edible legumes, rice, safflower, sugarbeet, sunflower, and specialty crops (kenaf, lupin, and sesame).

Foundation Plant Services
Produces, tests, maintains and distributes premium foundation-level virus disease-tested plant materials for use by California nurseries.

Fruit and Nut Research and Information Center
Crop management, production tools, botanical, and other information for researchers, industry, growers, and consumers of 60 fruit and nut crops.

Kearney Agricultural Center
The UC Kearney Agricultural Center provides state-of-the-science research and educational programs to promote sustainability of California's 24.5 billion dollar agriculture industry, and to enhance the quality of the rural environment. A multi-disciplinary team of 25 faculty members drawn from UC Davis, UC Riverside and UC Berkeley are permanently assigned to Kearney for the benefit of the people of the San Joaquin Valley and of California in general

Postharvest Technology Research and Information Center
Information on postharvest technology for California growers, shippers, marketers, carriers, distributors, retailers and processors aimed at improving the quality and value of fresh horticultural crops and reducing postharvest losses.

Seed Biotechnology Center
Coordinates research to address problems of interest to the seed industry and provides continuing education in seed biology and technology.

Small Farm Program
Production and marketing information for farmers who operate small-scale farms.

Statewide IPM Project pest management guidelines
Monitoring techniques, pesticide information, and non-pesticide alternatives for managing insect, mite, nematode, weed, and disease pests in agricultural crops, floriculture and ornamental nurseries, commercial turf, homes and landscapes.

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Scientific research and education programs promoting economically viable agricultural and food systems that sustain natural resources, biodiversity, and quality of life for farmers and communities.

Vegetable Research and Information Center
Vegetable production information covering 16 topics related to 32 individual crops, plus educational opportunities and other information.