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April 2016

Ranching For Profit with Dave Pratt

January 2016

2016 Annual Southern San Joaquin Livestock Symposium

November 2015

SAVE THE DATE - Southern San Joaquin Livestock Symposium
2015 Drought Assessment - Summary of Findings
Weed Eating Biomachines:  How Grazing Livestock can help Control Invasive Weeds
Residual Dry Matter:  What is it and why is it important?
Ranching Sustainability Self Assessment
Cows Cause Global Warming?...Nope!
Foothill Abortion Vaccine Update
Research Update - Roche et al., Grazing Management Strategies

May 2015


Parasite Impact and Control
Rustici Rangeland Science Symposium
Updates on Current Events and Issues
The Herbicide Glyphosate
Ask the Advisor:
     Grazing/Pasture Lease Considerations

January 2015

Understanding and Managing Shrink
Grazing Regulatory Action Project Update and Background
Ask the Advisor: Calculating the Cost of Gain
Research Update:
     Water Quality Short Course
     Williamson Act Survey

November 2014

Dwarf Calves
Research Update:  Safety of Genetically Engineered Feed
UCCE Centennial Celebration
Ask the Advisor:
     How Many Ground Squirrels Equal One AUM
     Pasture, Range and Forage Drought Insurance

February 2014

Upcoming Livestock Symposium:  February 27, 2014, Porterville, CA
Livestock Management Strategies During Drought
Killer Oak Trees
Check the Water
Kern Range Blog

January 2014

Meeting Notice:

Mitigating Drought: Optimizing Pasture and Supplemental Feed and Managing Risk

November 2013

Project Update - What Have I Been Doing for You?
Controlling Medusahead on Rangelands
Tax Options in a Drought
Water Storage Options to Help Support Wildland Fire Suppression
Ask the Advisor:
     Forage Loss Due to Fire or Other Causes

September 2013

Foothill Abortion Vaccine Status Update
Research Update - Sheep Salvia Makes Plants Grow!
The Importance of Residual Dry Matter
Ask the Advisor:
     Cow/Calf Budge
     Proposed Critical Habitat Designation for the Yellow-legged Frog and the Yosemite Toad

September 2011

What is Beef Quality Assurance?
Beef Quality Assurance Workshop

February 2009
November 2006 National Animal I.D. & Health Update
June 2006 Preparing for Bull Selection
November 2005 Calf Health Program
October 2003 Beef Marketing Program
August 2002 Bovine Tuberculosis Update Bovine Tuberculosis
October 2001 Fog Fever Anthrax
July 2001 Anaplasmosis Protection When Buying Bulls and Heifers Treatment of Calf Scours Prevention of Foothill Abortion
June 2001 Fly Control on California Cattle Livestock Management During Drought
March 2001 Neosporosis (Protozoa Abortion)
January 2001 University of California Mineral Website Urolithiasis (Urinary Calculi) in Ruminants Oak Toxicity
September 2000 The Use of Livestock Medications Riparian Grazing Project Control Measures for Pinkeye in Cattle Anthrax in Nevada Control of Livestock Epidemic Outbreaks Project
May 2000 Giardia Cattle Disease Research Projects Bovine Tuberculosis Sleeping Sickness Alert Hardwoods Management
February 2000 Identifying the Functional Bull: Bull Soundness and Management Web Site Information Beef Health Symposium: Managing Bull Reproductive Health - March 4, 2000