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Flooding Impacts SJV News Release
California Statewide Olive Seminar

California Statewide Olive Seminar

Thursday, March 30th, 2023

Sign up at: https://ucanr.edu/2023oliveseminar 

May 2021


County Director Notes 2016
June 2015

Pre-harvest Olive Day Meeting Notice

What values should olive growers use for estimating crop nitrogen removal at harvest?

UC Davis Olive Center:  UC Master Milling Certificate Course

Olive Quick Decline in Italy is associated with unique strain of Xylella fastidiosa


Pesticide Worker Safety Training

Pesticide Worker Safety Training Registration

June 2014

Olive Grower's Council/ UCCE Pre-harvest Olive Day Meeting

Preemergence Herbicides for Olive Orchard Weed Control

Advances in Mitigation of Alternate Bearing of Olive: Vegetative Growth Response to Plant Growth Regulators

Olive "Quick Decline" in Southern Italy may be Associated with Pathogen Common in California


August 2013

Olive Grower's Council UCCE Pre-Harvest Olive Day Meeting Notice
Innovative Progress in the Mechanical Harvest of California Black Ripe Olives
Olive Tree Phenology: The relationship of fruit load to vegetative growth and     return bloom

May 2012

Olive Bloom and Pollination
A Large Olive Crop May Benefit from Chemical Thinning

March 2012

2012 SSJV Olive Day

April 2011


April 2011

Southern San Joaquin Valley Olive Day


8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

Tulare County Agricultural Building
4437 So. Laspina St.
Tulare, CA

July 2010 Need to Manage Black Scale on Olives? Central California Olive Day Meeting
June 2010 Olive Fruit Fly Management Meeting
April 2010 Chemical Thinning of Olives
April 2010 Southern San Joaquin Valley Olive Day
June 2009 Determining Need to Treat for Olive Fruit Fly
April 2009 San Joaquin Valley Olive Day
July 2008
June 2008 Olive Fruit Fly Meeting
June 2007 Olive Fruit Fly (OLF) Update 2007 For The Olive Industry OLF Management FAQ's/University of California Recommendations
January 2007 Freeze Damage Considerations
June 2006 Olive Fruit Fly (OLF) Update 2006 For The Olive Industry OLF Management FAQ's/University of California Recommendations
July 2005 Technical Adjustment Assistant (TAA) August 25, 2005 - UC Kearney Research & Extension Center 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 September 1, 2005 - Ag Building, Tulare 1:00 p.m. - 3:00
March 2005 Spring Olive Meeting
May 2004 Olive Fly Update 2004 for Table Olive Industry Determining Need to Treat for Olive Fly Trapping to Monitor Infestations Obtaining Traps Treatiing OLF with GF-120 Dilution Use of Kaolin Clay as a Protectant Against OLF Other Options On-going Research on Management of OLF Summary
April 2004 Irrigating Olives, Water Use for Summer and Fall Olive Spray Thinning Guidelines
October 2003 T.C. Olive Pest Control District Grower Educational Meeting - November 14, 2003 Fall Copper Spray Peacock Spot Fall Weed Control Black Scale Olive Fruit Fly 2003
April 2003 California Olive Day -
March 2002 Olive Fruit Fly Meeting
January 2001 Olive Fly Meeting - January 24, 2001 California Olive Day 2001 - February 6, 2001
December 2000 Mark Your Calendar to Attend California Olive Day Olive Knot Control Should I be Pruning Now Olive Fly Meetings Fall Weed Control Sibbett to Retire February 1, 2001
September 2000 Bionomics of the Olive Fruit Fly Fall Copper Sprays Fall Weed Control
May 2000 Olive Fruit Fly Update 2000 Bloom Observations in Tulare County Leaf Tissue Analyses - July is the Time Subscribe to "ag-biznet" Black Scale Control Irrigating Olives - Water Use for Summer and Fall
February 2000 California Olive Day - March 9, 2000 Olive Knot Management Olive Fly Update Nitrogen Fertilization Gowan Amends Supracide® 25-W Label for Black Scale Control