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Pesticide Worker Safety Training

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July 2010

ABCs of Insect Management

October 2008

Landscape Pest Management Seminars

January 2006 - Issue #5: Shrubs in the Landscape_

Shrub Selection for Valley Gardens Outstanding Shrubs for the SJV Spring Flowering Shrubs Tips to Creating a Groomed Hedge Nutrient Deficiencies - IRON INSECT Management

  • Mites, Scales, Aphids DISEASE Management
  • Root & Crown Disorders
  • Leaf spots, Rusts, Cankers SOURCES OF INFORMATION
  • Issue #4

    Whoops! We skipped #4

    October 2003 - Issue #3: Palm Tree Culture

    Palms in the Central Valley Transplanting Palms Care of Established Palms

  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning Palms for Central Valley Landscapes Common Palm Problems SOURCES of INFORMATION - Glossary of Palm Trees UPCOMING MEETINGS October - November
  • Landscape Pest Management Evening Seminars November 20
  • Soccer Field Management
  • April 2003 - Issue #2: Value of Turf in Landscapes

    Value of Turf in Landscapes Selecting Turfgrass Species Transition Management of Overseeded Turf Turf Management Tips

  • Watering, Mowing, Fertilizing, Aerifying, Dethatching Pest Watch
  • Disease: Spring Dead Spot
  • Insect: Sod Webworm
  • Weeds:Crabgrass, Oxalis, Nutsedge & Spurge Sources of Turf Information Glossary of Turf Terms Free Meeting: Apr. 24, 2003-Landscape Turf Management
  • January 2003 - Issue # 1: Landscape Trees

    Introduction and Welcome New Nursery Standards for Producing Quality Trees Staking Tips for Trees 5 Steps to Pruning Young Trees Fertilizing Landscape Trees Training Young Trees for Structure and Form - Video 5 Things to Know about Trees Pest Watch

  • Disease: Fire Blight
  • Insects: Imidacloprid
  • Weeds: Mistletoe Sources of Information - Glossary of Tree Terms Free Meeting: February 4, 2003 Pruning Landscape Trees
  • September 2002: Landscape Notes

    Environmental Horticulture in CA Mowing CA Turfgrasses Eucalyptus Red Gum Lerp Psyllid - An Update Weed Watch

  • Annual Bluegrass Disease Watch
  • Spring Dead Spot in Lawns - Fall Fungicide Applications Upcoming Meetings Training Young Trees for Structure and Form - A Video Horticulture Vocabulary Useful UC Websites Pruning for the New Millennium