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Zoom Meeting - June 2020

Training Young Prune Trees - ZOOM



County Director Notes 2016
Pesticide Worker Safety Training

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August 2012

Maximizing Canopy Light Interception Increases Yield in Prune Orchards
Lime-Induced Iron Chlorosis:  A Problem in Prunes and Other Fruit and Nut Crops
New Prune Production Manual from UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

January 2012

Southern San Joaquin Valley Dried Plum Day

September 2011

Will Incorporation of Mechanical Pruning Influence Yield and Size of Prunes?
New Prune Rootstock Research is Underway
Considerations When Removing Prune Orchards
Prune Orchard Fertility Review:  Focus on the "Key 3"

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May 2003 Prune Pest and Orchard Management Short Course Kearney Ag Center Wednesday, May 28, 2003
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July 2000 From the Field Harvest - Your Last Chance to Maximize and Dry Yield
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