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Nut, Prune and Olive Programs

Elizabeth Fichtner
Elizabeth Fichtner
Farm Advisor
Specialties: Orchard Systems 
(559) 684-3310
Fax: (559) 685-3319

Elizabeth Fichtner recently joined UC Cooperative Extension as a Fruit and Nut Advisor in Tulare Co. Elizabeth is originally from New York and completed her BS in Plant Science at Cornell University in 1997. Elizabeth co-majored in both Plant Pathology and Soil Science for both her MS and PhD at NC State University in Raleigh, NC. After completing her PhD she joined UC Davis as a post-doctoral scientist and developed a research program on emerging forest diseases including Sudden Oak Death. Elizabeth’s research focused extensively on survival and transmission of pathogens in forests, both in the United Kingdom and California. Elizabeth enthusiastically welcomes the opportunity to continue applying her background to orchard systems and looks forward to working with Tulare County growers to learn the culture of the crop and address new challenges.



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