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Raymond Mireles, UCCE Fruit and Almond Advisor for Tulare and Fresno Counties

Jesus Raymond Mireles serves as the Fruit and Almond Advisor for UCCE Fresno and Tulare Counties. Raymond is a Central Valley native, born and raised in Visalia, Ca. He attended California State University, Fresno where he achieved his bachelor’s in plant science. Mireles attained a competitive fellowship with Bayer Crop Science, where he was given the opportunity to continue his academic career at Fresno State and obtain a master's degree in plant science. His thesis research entailed the utilization of remote sensing technologies to establish a monitoring protocol for assessing spider mite damage in almonds. Raymond has experience in the agrochemical and technological research industry as a research technician with Bayer Crop Science. He gained experience in identifying and controlling common insect pests in California cropping systems while working with Bayer Crop Science entomologists. Additionally, Mireles played a key role in the establishment and operation of drone technology used to assess plant health for the Bayer Crop Science UAV Program. Raymond is excited to apply his industry and academic expertise to aid farmers in overcoming existing issues and challenges. Growers and professionals involved in fruit and almond production are encouraged to contact Raymond with any questions or suggested topics to address. You can reach Raymond at jrmireles@ucanr.edu or 559-684-3311.



  • Orchard Notes - primarily stone fruit production and culture, some coverage of apples, pears, cherries, apricots, kiwifruit, persimmons and pomegranates


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